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Car service history examination

We validate the service book history to make sure
the information provided is real.

Car accident history examination

Many people buy cars which are from accidents due
to lack of information. We examine the car accident
history properly and do some internal research to
make sure you not being taken for a ride.

Deal cost negotiations (VFM-Value For Money)

Business people are after making profit, if there is a
chance to make more they go for it. We help u to pay
the correct amount for the product you have bought.

Mechanical and Maintenance pre-advice.

Credit berue checks before doing application
and help with clearing your name.

Test drive arrangement to help you decide.

You can never be sure of any car if you haven’t
driven it.

Overall car body inspection

We don’t want you to be stuck with a car that’s
falling apart after such an expensive exercise.
We check a car body for you so that if there is
anything wrong, it gets fix before taking it home.

Previous Owner Interview
Its always nice to talk to the previous owner , just
to get his /her side of the story.
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Engine quality check

A car with a poor engine is as good as no car. Use our
service and avoid the embarrassment of stuck in the
middle of an important trip.

Affordability check before the actual

When we put up an application it should be a wining
application, having one bank to reject your application
due to minor things can ruin your chance of getting
your dream car.

Leakage checks

Leaks are signs of major problem, lets save you the

Third Party Products

Car dealers recently offers lot of products that goes
with your car contract, do you really need all of them?
No…we help you to decide which ones you need.

Mileage Examination

We live in cruel world where people do anything to get
what they want…and illegal reversal of kilometres is
one the problems that the motor industry is facing
today, we make sure that the kilometres that you see
on your speedometer are genuine.

SAPS Check

Nothing hurts like buying a stolen car without knowing.
You get arrested for something you didn’t do.

Traffic Fines Check

Second hand cars comes with the
registration number that has been out
there for a while, we check the history on
trafic fines so that you buy only a car not
its dept.
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today and lets
help you with
your car..